Monday, 3 September 2012

They tried to make me go to rehab

This post has now been moved to a specialist blog which charts my battle with dizziness. If you are looking for an upbeat and insightful look at balance disorders and vestibular rehabilitation please go to www.dizzytimes.co.uk

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  1. Good luck Henbear. Really glad the road to recovery begins here!

  2. A few comments from facebook -

    Susana Pouso Lema. I'm glad you finally got a diagnosis - which is always better than not knowing. I hope the next 6 months do lead to a full recovery and sharing a pint with a good old friend in your pub of preference!

    Laura Mather Oh darling!!!! Wow! I'm glad it's been diagnosed, but bloody hell! Can you still work? Or is it 6 months seriously cooped up?! I'm so happy I'm seeing you on Thursday - I'mg oing to give you a huge hug (and stay as still as I possibly can!!) :-) xxxxx

    Dandan Beach O_o damn Henry.. i really hope you'll feel better soon!! but hey, disco balls, foam mats, shaking yr head eyes shut... actually sounds like fun night out to me.. so here is hoping that the recovery will be a pleasant and a quick one! ;) xx

    Liv Gunvor take care and get well!

    Henry Wilkinson Had a few concerned texts/emails - slight poetic license everyone. I am going to go for an hour session once a week - I am not going to be couped up

  3. Also, someone who prefers to remain nameless, who sent me a messgae on facebook. Really glad this blog is already doing some good-

    "hey buddy. Can I just say u might have saved my mother's life.thanks to reading your blog, I have come to realise that she has the same condition as urself (glad you got diagnosed and hope u recover 100% soon ) but had been misdiagnosed for the longest time. she has been complaining of dizzyness and nausea for the longest time especially when driving, she even stopped reading cause it makes her dizzy. she had an ear infection when she was younger and lost hearing in one of the ears but she hadnt disclosed properly and doctors have been constantly misdiagnosing her, doping her with anti pschotic drugs, and anti depressants that did nothing but give her nasty side effects. THANKS TO YOUR BLOG I got to learn about this condition and I am now going to give better direction for her treatment and hopefully sooner than later she too will be on the road to recovery. GET BETTER BRO and KEEP BLOGGING"