Saturday, 30 April 2011


Writing this post on my balcony after Saturday rugby training and a few chapters of my book. Just to give you a context of where I am, here are a few photos.

Up Samora Machel, towards work which is just to the left of the tower block. Click...

Directly ahead, my usual evening perch, facing north and down onto Asylum Down circle. Click...

My tan lines (and rugby bruises)... and the next door “room” (mine is finished and quite pleaseant)

So it’s been a while since I last posted. I have been writing a lot of stuff for work and I can’t seem to muster the enthusiasm or the energy to write for myself in the evenings, which is a shame. Unlike my other trips to Africa, I haven’t kept a diary this time and so this blog has served a dual purpose; giving friends and family an insight into Ghanaian life whilst providing an electronic record for personal posterity.
So what‘s new? Well, firstly I am not making quite so many sojourns to the bathroom and my body seems to finally adjusting to Ghana. Secondly, I am a published journalist in a national newspaper having got a full page spread in the Ghanaian Times on the royal wedding, it’s dubious guest list and the point of the Commonwealth today (again please look for it at the other blog). Lastly, I have started to explore greater Ghana. A couple of weekends ago I went to the slave castle at Cape Coast and last weekend I went to The Green Turtle Lodge, a remote private beach and hostel an hour out of Takoradi (a city close to the Ivory Coast border).
Weekends provide my escape route from Accra and a vital ray of light on tough days at work (I sometimes question what the hell is the point, and if anyone is taking note of anything I write). I have fallen quite nicely into a little obruni clique who provide my weekend travel companions and link back to the west. All in all, there are about seven of us; me, Yasmine (German), Jasmine (naturalised German), Andrew (US), Rob (Dutch), Miriam (German) and Emma (Australian). Emma and I make up the CHRI contingent whilst the rest are from The German government’s international development organisation.
Our group is a fluid amalgamation of interns and low ranking NGO employees and there is a constant turnover of members as people come and go. The typical intern is in Ghana for 3-6 months so, in theory, I will see most of the group leave and be superseded with new interns before I make my way back to Europe. Every so often I hear tales from some of the others about crazy weekends with people who have long since left Ghana. Jasmine is the first of my new friends to leave and tonight is her leaving drinks do - we have already started to joke that we will only be mentioning her in passing to her “replacement”.
I hope everyone has a pleasant long weekend. I get May Day off but had to work on Friday. As a republic Ghana wasn’t quite as keen on the royal wedding as the rest of the world. Although I am not a royalist I still felt I was missing out on something so I listened to most of the ceremony on BBC world service. It was rather surreal mouthing along to Jerusalem and God Save Our Queen in a sweltering office with Kingham, the miserable git who sits opposite, wondering what all the fuss was all about.
Tomorrow I have been roped into a labour day march by the others in the office and on Monday I will choose between going to a Ghanaian Premier League game with Eric (one of the brothers with whom I share a room) or going to Krokobite (the nearest nice beach- about 40 mins out of downtown Accra)
Love to all.

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